5 Steps To Living A Authentic Life

Living your best life starts with being authentic.

Here are 5 steps to living a authentic life. Being authentic means you are being true to who you really are regardless of others beliefs or wishes of what or who you should be.

It takes tremendous courage to forge ahead being true to yourself, some people in your life may not want you to change, and that can be difficult to cut ties with them. I can assure you though, with these 5 Steps To Living A Authentic Life, you are on your way to happiness and joy.

5 steps to live authentic living to increase happiness
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How To Live Authentically

First and foremost, DO IT FOR YOU! consciously give up the act of being someone you are not. Come to understand that the world needs your unique beauty, your divine knowledge, and the special gifts that only you have. Everyone has their true gifts, and it’s our life purpose to develop these gifts and share them with the world. Journaling your favorite hobbies and interests are a great way to start if you are not sure what those gifts and talents are.

Be Humble

Second, be humble! Being humble makes you a more grateful and compassionate being. When you are humble it allows you to take a deep look at situations from a place of compassion rather than ego, which can only act in the best interest of the ego. For your being to reconnect with the most sensitive parts of self a humble attitude toward life is needed. When you appreciate every experience, every being, and see yourself as blessed to experience this life you are connecting with your authentic being, the one who is and always will be love.

Love Always Wins

Third, choose love! There is always a choice. A choice as to how you react to things, a choice about how you should nourish your body, a choice on how you present yourself to the world….so many choices! When you make these choices from a place of love you are being truly authentic. We are born loving beings who require love to feel safe, and to grow. This continues into adulthood and loving yourself deeply and dearly leads you to make loving choice regarding others in your life. A simple practice is to just wish others well, bless them on their journey and know that even if for a moment you chose love. The more you practice love with intention the more your natural loving being is exposed, and feels safe because it knows that you love you!


Forth, connections over possessions. It’s true that you can have all the luxury that money can afford, but you can’t buy authentic connection. It might take a little effort to get out and meet new people, or deepen the relations you already have, but every moment spent in deep connection adds joy and vitality to spirit, and through joy you are being authentic. Through developing connections you can be who you really are, and you can trust that the people who are meant to be in your life will be there for you to help you be your best authentic self.

It’s not about how many friends you have, it’s about how deeply you can connect to those you do have. If you struggle with intimate connections, connect with your inner child! There is no better way to uncover your authentic self than to spend some time with your inner child. This is a great workbook to get to know your inner child if this is something that is of interest to you.

Just Be You

Fith, embrace all the uniqueness you possess! Some call it imperfections, I call it uniqueness because we are all perfect for ourselves. You are the only you! All the quirky, funny, silly, creative, and love that you possess are unique to only you. You are one of a kind and that should be wholeheartedly celebrated on the daily! Once you begin to allow yourself to be authentic you will fall in love with all the qualities you have deepening your connection with self. This is what makes your wild heart pound with excitement for each new day as you get to discover the world anew from your most authentic being.

In Conclusion

Be Authentic! Write this down and look at it often. Ask yourself “Am I being authentic to this person, in this situation, in this moment?” Through this process you will awaken the inner wisdom, the authentic part of you that knows how you should live this life. You deserve to be content, the universe loves you! The beautiful, wonderfully wild spirit that you bring to this world is a treasure. Also, I encourage you to develop a yoga practice to get in tune with your inner being for lasting changes.

with light and love 🧡

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