How To Eat Like A Yogi!

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What does a yogi eat? As a vegan, plant based chef I get this question all the time. In this post I will describe how to eat like a yogi and improve your health!

What Is A Yogi Diet?

A Yogi Diet is a way of eating that focuses on a plant based, whole foods diet with minimal processed foods. I wholeheartedly believe that is the best diet for health and longevity, and according to many health experts a plant based diet is best for digestion and assimilation of nutrients. See research here.

What Can A Yogi Diet Do For You

I have put my own body to the test to see if this diet is sustainable for the average person. Because it’s important to get enough protein and vitamins in a diet to support an active lifestyle. I have been sustained on a plant based diet for close to 20 years now and I am in the best shape of my life at 46! Now is always the best time to start eating more plant foods, and I hope that you find support here if you are starting that journey. Or if you are someone who already eats mostly plants I hope that you find inspiration and new beloved recipes on this blog.

How To Start A Yogi Diet

Use fresh produce! I go to the store a few times a week instead of one day of bulk shopping. This practice keeps my refrigerator clean and tidy and also keeps the produce Im consuming as fresh as possible. A subscription to Imperfect Foods is also a great way to receive fresh seasonal produce and plant based foods and save money!

Be mindful of what you eat! Sometimes keeping a food journal can be very helpful. Therefore this allows you to track what you eat. Because you can highlight new favorite foods, jot down recipes all in one convenient location. I personally track my food so I can look back and make sure I’m getting complete nutritional balance.

Be compassionate with your food choices. As a yogi we practice the Yama of Ahimsa, part of the the 8 limbs of yoga, which means non harming. Therefore it’s a natural choice to consume minimal animal products. Because there are so many alternatives to conventional animal products, you find a plant based replacement for every dietary staples. Especially items like yogurts, milks, butter, cheese, and faux meats. I personally love tofu and tempeh as they are minimally processed and are not heavily processed like faux meats. Another clean product I really love are these Protein Drinks. Because they help me to meet my protein goals while still honoring the decision to consume minimally processed foods.

Time In The Kitchen

Use your kitchen time as a moving meditation. When you meditate with loving thoughts toward what you are preparing that loving energy will be present in the food. As a chef, I can tell you that it is VERY important to be in a good headspace while you are preparing food for others. I have heard countless times that my diners could feel the love in their meals. Therefore, that’s how every meal should feel. You should feel energized, nourished, and well cared for. If you need some new inspiration, this is one of my favorite inspirational cookbooks to look through.

In Conclusion

Go easy on yourself! Rome was not built in a day. Lasting changes can take time. Social pressures are a real issue when eating a plant based diet. It’s often hard to find plant based choices on a restaurant menu. My rule of thumb is always the 80/20 rule. Eat a plant based diet 80% of the time. The other 20% can be spent enjoying whatever makes your soul happy. Yoga is all about balance, and balance can be a very personal issue. It’s up to you to feel what works best for you and your body. The goal is to find balance on your journey for a happy and healthy life.

With Loving kindness, I wish You Well & Good Health!

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