Make This Easy Plant Based Side Dish!

Roasted Roots Make A Colorful Healthy Side Dish.

It all comes back to the roots….I’m grateful for our local farmers who tended to these fall jewels with loving care. You can feel the the love and attention the root vegetables received. The right amount of sun, water, and nutrients to fill these colorful assortment of roots with perfection!

I feel honored when I get to prepare a pan of roasted roots for guests. I lovingly peel, chop, massage, and season them to perfection before laying them underneath flame to achieve a succulent roasted bliss.

This is a Whole Foods plant based recipe with minimal extra ingredients other than the verity of root vegetables.

What You Need:

Sweet potato







Baby potatoes


Preheat the oven to 400. Peel all of the root vegetables except for the baby potatoes. Leave garlic cloves whole. Chop all root vegetables into bite size pieces. Toss all root vegetables together in a large bowl.

Season to taste with:

Smoked paprika



Sea salt

Black pepper

Drizzle with avocado oil and massage the seasonings into the vegetables. Take your time with this, you really want to blend things well. Spread out on a baking sheet and cover with foil. Roast for 45-1 hr. Done when you can easily insert a fork.

In good health! Enjoy!! Let me know if you try this fall favorite!

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