Why You Should Start Yoga Now!

Why you should start yoga today and live your best life.

The best time to start yoga is today! This article will site several reason any BODY can do yoga and why you should develop a home practice starting today! There is no reason you can’t start today for free. As a beginner yogi you should head over to YouTube and search Yoga With Adriene, she is the best! She has a 30 day beginner course that you can take for FREE! This is a safe and wonderful space to learn.

If you are looking to kick up your yoga a notch, lose weight, and get in the best shape of your life the the YOGA BURN program could be for you. This program will have you in true warrior form and ready to power through and circumstance in a short time. I personally have this program and have enjoyed it thoroughly! It impressed me so much that I became a member of the Yoga Burn team and now help people discover the power within. I recently wrote a page review on Yoga Burn Here.

What Yoga Has Done For Me:

For me, yoga is a daily practice, in everything I do. Even as I type these words I am being mindful of my breathe, sitting in a relaxed position with my shoulders back and down. I remind myself to take a deep inhale, and exhale deeply to stay centered, in the moment, and focused because being in a state of clam connectedness is essential to me.

The phrase “How you do anything, is how you do everything”, is a phrase I often repeat during class so my students carry this mindful yoga meditation through their day. The challenges you meet in your everyday you will also meet on your mat. If you can handle any situation with loving grace then every lesson becomes necessary for you to grow. Even the most challenging asanas can be mastered by being mindful of how to grow into the pose.

woman in gray leggings and black sports bra doing yoga on yoga mat
Photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels.com

Practicing yoga also leads you to realize your own power. There is a great feeling that arises after a intense session. The body is stretched, and strengthened, you feel like you made it! As we age we need to keep our muscles lengthened, and toned. I am middle aged now and I am so grateful for this daily commitment I made to myself for longevity and vitality!

I hope that you come to a place of realization of how you want your life to be from this moment on and strive to make your goals, dreams, and desires come true! You are a beautiful and radiant being, inside and out and Yoga is the path. Take the first steps to your good health NOW!

With deep gratitude, Love and light!

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