5 Notable Tips For A Pleasing Patio Garden

Patio Gardening For Beginners

Adding a container garden to your patio can be a fun and rewarding hobby, here are my top 5 notable tips for a pleasing patio gardening.

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Let’s Start Here

The joy of gardening for me begins with container plants. I love the fact that they can be moved around easily to create a new garden design weekly if you wish. You can add bigger containers and beds around the outside edge of the patio. You can use empty wall space for hanging half-baskets. I like to add mulch to the top to help prevent water evaporation, and it is important to keep the top of the container at least half an inch free for watering.

The first of my 5 notable tips for a pleasing patio garden begin by seeking out plants that are suited to your growing zone for best results. Now the fun begins! Once you have decided on the types of plants and containers you want to grow, the next step is to choose the best location. Make sure that the location receives at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. Also, make sure that the area does not flood, or water does not stand after irrigation. The soil you intend to plant around your patio should be free of competing plants.

Bring On The Color! Patio Aesthetics

For stunning results growing plants, choose a variety of colors and sizes. For example, a medium-sized planter can hold about six plants. You can also use bigger pots to grow more exotic or fruiting plants. For a smaller patio, use wide low pots and fill them with herbs and compact tomato varieties. You can even plant strawberries and lettuce during the late season. If you don’t have the space for a large potted garden, you can try growing edible greens in pots.

Easy Care Patio Plants For Beginners

The easiest plants to grow are those that are easy to care for. You should start small and start with simple plants. Vegetables are great for the patio. These include peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, eggplant, squash, and kale. You can also grow flowers like begonia, impatiens, and geranium. Always use containers with drainage holes, and keep the up off the surface by using “feet“. <== These are my prefered choice because they are eco-friendly, made from clay and last for years!

For a patio garden, the size of the planter matters a lot. Small pots will dry out quickly. The right size will reduce watering frequency. Another way to save water is to buy a self-watering planter. They come in various sizes, depending on the type of plant you want to grow. Then, the soil should be prepared for the plants. I like to mix mine with pearlite to retain moisture and stop the soil from clumping.

Choosing Patio Containers

A good container for a beginner garden is plastic or ceramic containers. Plastic containers are cheap and convenient. They are readily available at your local garden center. While they may not be aesthetically pleasing, they are great for patio gardens and beginners. Unlike ceramic pots, plastic containers can be reusable and can hold up to 25-30 plants. Once the soil is soaked, the plants will not need any watering. For a beginner garden, a 20-30 square foot container is enough for a small planting area.

Grow A Pleasing Patio Bounty

Vegetable plants can be grown in containers. During summer, these plants will need daily watering. During winter and spring, you can harvest them and enjoy the bounty. They will taste better when watered with a hose. During the winter months, they will need more attention. However, during the warmer months, they will grow well. During the colder months, it will be best to plant herbs and a few fruits and vegetables.

In conclusion

One of my favorite things to do is to look through seed catalogs and pinterest to find plants that I’m drawn to. I happen to favor the Vermont Flower Farm, the quality of seeds is always amazing. Having a patio garden is a great way to get in touch with nature, and to watch the little bees & hummingbirds that come to visit. I spend hours just sitting among my plants, reading, and dreaming. I hope that you get a chance to create a small sacred space for yourself to unwind and take in the beauty of mother nature.

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